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Young and old caught up in the passion of trapping
Aug 8, 2022 13:19 ET

WADENA — Even at the peak of the fur trade in Minnesota it's likely there was never as many trappers, traps, furs and enthusiasts gathered in one place, at one time, than there are in Wadena this week for the Minnesota Trappers Association Convention.

Opening day was Thursday, but trapping folks started showing up on Tuesday to be a part of the event. Friday morning had over 400 people picking up a button to get in before 10:30 a.m. That doesn't include the rows and rows of people that were already filling the grounds with tents and campers.
Vendors filled several buildings and spilled out into the open where traps stretched out across tables and the ground. Inside the buildings you could buy coyote urine by the gallon, mink mittens, skunk skin coozies, cow horn spoons, hides and furs of the most common fur bearers of Minnesota and all the trapping accessories you could ever need, if trapping is your thing.

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