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‘Yellowstone’ Show Has Suburbanites Dressing Like Cattle Ranchers
Jan 12, 2023 11:59 ET

Ryan Capalbo’s life is nothing like that of a rough and tumble cowboy.

The 34-year-old spends his days toiling over foster care cases, not tending to cattle. And he lives in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., where people ride commuter trains, not horses.

Yet, on any given day, this suburbanite dresses like a hardened rancher in Tecovas cowboy boots and a snap-button shirt. “I’ve definitely adopted a very western style to my wardrobe,” said Mr. Capalbo.

The catalyst for Mr. Capalbo’s rustic fashion sense? An obsession with “Yellowstone,” Paramount Network’s horses-and-handguns drama that in its fifth season is the most-watched scripted show on TV.

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