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Wolf patrols increased around Fort Simpson
Feb 10, 2020 14:55 ET

[Reprinted from original]

The N.W.T.'s Environment Department is stepping up responses to wolf sightings in and around Fort Simpson.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said in a statement that they have increased patrols around parts of Fort Simpson where many have reported seeing wolves.

A bait station has also been set up roughly 10 kilometres outside the village where the department will be actively snaring and trapping wolves.

Coun. Marie Lafferty raised the issue with town councillors at their annual meeting earlier this week.

"I hear complaints about wolves everyday," Lafferty told council. "It's a concern. You never know if there are some kids walking back from events at night."

ENR put out a wolf warning in January, asking residents to keep their dogs inside after two were attacked by wolves.

"Wolves are very territorial," the notice read. "They may attack or kill a domestic dog it perceives as 'trespassing' on its territory."

Darrell White, the senior administrative officer of Fort Simpson, is reminding residents to call the RCMP or the Department of Environment and Natural Resources before posting any wolf sightings on social media.

"We're trying to get information out to the community and we're hoping folks will be able to read that and take the necessary precautions," he said.

Tips on how to avoid a wolf encounter:

Bring your pets inside at night.
Limit attractants in your yard such as food scraps, garbage or wild meat.
Be alert when walking your dog: don't wear headphones, carry a stick and keep your dog on a leash.
Avoid forested trails around dawn and dusk.
If you encounter a wolf your reaction should be similar to a bear: don't run, make noise, stand your ground or back away slowly, have a stick and be ready to defend yourself.
Anyone who sees a wolf can call a 24/7 emergency line at 867-695-7433.