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Will speak on The Mad Trapper from father's accounts
Mar 2, 2020 08:06 ET

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Denny May’s father flew in the clouds and the Edmonton-based speaker is ready to tell more of his tale.

He will headline the next lecture at the Stony Plain and Parkland Pioneer Museum in the Town of Stony Plain Monday. May previously spoke last year about his father Wilfrid “Wop”May’s connection to famed World War One flying ace the Red Baron – who was being chased by the Baron when the Baron was killed – and said his adventures did not end once he came home from the conflict to make a living in the Edmonton area.

He helped chase the Mad Trapper up in the Northwest Territories and Yukon and was involved in one of the first aerial manhunts in Alberta,” May said. “People are going to learn about those and the truth, not what has been done in a number of terrible movies and written in a number of really terrible books about it all.”

The Mad Trapper, also known as Albert Johnson, was a man who sparked a massive manhunt in Canada’s north in 1932 after a trapping dispute. He killed police during his flight from the law before he was ultimately shot by police in a standoff and his actual identity remains a mystery in the modern era.

May hopes that people will like his talk on the incident and that they will go away from it knowing that, in spite of what some have written, his father was not the kind of person that other writers have said he was.

“One book said he was the town drunk,” he said. “That is false. My father never did that.”

May’s lecture begins Monday at 7 p.m. at the museum. Tickets are $5 and can be bought at the door.