Conservation and Trapping Science

Will Hunting and Fishing be Criminalized in Oregon?
Jul 12, 2021 07:08 ET
We are steadily awaiting the results of the 2021 Initiative Petition 13 or IP13 which was filed last year in Oregon by a Portland based animal rights group. The petition will require 112,020 signatures to land a position on the November 2022 ballot for Oregon voters.

The overall premise of this bill is marketed as a bill to end animal cruelty which most people would support. If you dig deeper into the proposed bill then you will find that the language is much more specific. If passed, this bill would make the intentional killing of ANY animal illegal in the state of Oregon. This will include hunting, fishing, trapping, and all forms of animal agriculture which involve slaughtering the animal. All of these actions would be considered animal abuse and punishable as a felony.

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