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Why do people trap animals?
Apr 26, 2019 08:06 ET
Comments: People trap animals in North America in the 21st Century for Food, Fur, and Conservation. Trapping for "sport" is a misnomer and disinformation; Hunters and Trappers are generally God-fearing men and women whom understand the value of the renewable resource put on this earth under (at least to a small degree) their stewardship; One degree of this stewardship is assuring animals are not wasted but instead used for food and clothing.

Many trappers are against "fur farms" unless in the sense of the "wild fur farmer" and believe animals should live the best possible lives in the wild, until the moment they are harvested.

Traps have no teeth. Animals are generally dispatched either within a few seconds of being trapped or "held" by strong, but not inhumane foot-hold traps until the trapper can arrive and dispatch the animal.

Following is one example of a trapper putting his hand in a foothold trap (they are not called leg-hold traps):

When an animal exceeds the carrying capacity of the ecosystem in which it lives and thereby no longer resides in the "breeding stock," that animal must be harvested, as per the dictates of the jurisdiction under which one hunts and traps for the greater good of the species (and habitat and humans). That animal, once it becomes part of the "surplus stock" (and told to us by institutions like Cornell University and many other universities, and departments of Environmental Conservation in every state), must be utilized or would risk creating predation and disease in the ecosystem which would wreak generational havoc upon the other flora and fauna.

Remember: Mother Nature will take care of itself, but not in the way you think. The United States conservation model is not a product of a Disney movie; Starting with Teddy Roosevelt it took the dedication of millions of Americans to guide the renewable resources, animals, habitats, and forests you see today.

One animal with more uses than possibly any other is the beaver. Following is one method a trapper used to put a harvested beaver into production for his family:

If you've never had beaver, I would strongly suggest it. I call it, meat from "God's Pantry." You can eat the entire animal including organs (save guts), make oil from the tail which can be used for bait, make oil from the oil glands which can be sold or used as well for bait, sell the castor which is used in more commercial products than you can imagine, tan and sell the hide or make clothing from it (clothing makers still exist in Real America see, boil and polish the skull to sell or remind you of the great bounty that is the wild renewable resource, boil the bones for soup or bone-broth, and so much more.

One might ask themselves if the real reason trapping is being attacked today has nothing to do with the harvesting of animals but instead plays into a bigger picture of the removal of individuality in western countries to lay the groundwork for a true evil one world authoritarian rule. In NYC for example, the demand-for-land and land (two different things) have been removed from the people. And in NYC, the demand-for-guns and guns (also two different things) have been removed from the people. This is the first step in creating a blueprint for the country; Once people aren't allowed to think and do for themselves, they will submit to bank-rule. Attacking trappers is no different than any of the "what is up is down and down is up" insanity we see in the main stream media every day, consistently, across every social economic strata and activity. When you become confused, you will submit (because you will move on to the next thing not knowing the feather that had been added to the cap of evil through the conquering of any specific event). So why allow that?

I would ask you what better: a soy-fed chicken from Whole Foods on 59th street in NYC (they're all soy-fed, FYI) or a raccoon you trapped, killed, and said a prayer for in the woods of Western NJ which gave you a week-of-lunches to bring into the office? You may not be smart enough to answer.


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