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WOLF-DOG Hybrids Loose in North Carolina County, Trapping Efforts Underway
Jul 12, 2021 17:23 ET

Several wolf-dog hybrids are at large in Orange County after escaping from their enclosure, according to Orange County Animal Services (OCAS).

The animals, which are presumed to be wolf and German shepherd hybrids, recently escaped from their enclosure in Orange County. It is estimated that approximately four dogs are still at large. Officials say some of the dogs have already been safely captured and are currently being housed at the OCAS facility.

Orange County Animal Control officers have set traps in the Cedar Grove area of Orange County where the dogs originally escaped their enclosure. OCAS is asking the public to not feed the dogs or interfere with these trapping efforts, stating, “if the public does feed or interfere, it will severely hinder efforts to safely capture the dogs.”

“At this time, we have no confirmation that the dogs have attacked or hurt any people, animals, or livestock,” read a release from Orange County Animal Services. “However, like any fearful animal, these dogs may display aggressive tendencies when confronted by people.”

Orange County residents took to the social media platform Nextdoor to share information and warn neighbors about the escaped animals over the weekend.

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