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Utah Trappers James P. Beckworth and Jacob Dodson
Feb 1, 2023 11:31 ET

SALT LAKE CITY — Black history in the Beehive state dates back even longer than Latter-day Saint history in the area, predating the Saints' arrival by almost 25 years.

In fact, African Americans like James P. Beckworth and Jacob Dodson were a part of fur trapping and exploratory expeditions in the Utah territory. And three Black slaves — Green Flake, Oscar Crosby and Hark Lay — were among the group that arrived in Utah with Brigham Young in 1847. Issac James, Jane Manning and their sons arrived later that year; they were the first free Black pioneers to settle in the state. By 1850, the census listed 24 "free persons of color" and 26 Black slaves in Utah.

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