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Update on Mass. Town To Vote on Fur Ban
Mar 31, 2022 06:42 ET

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American Fur Council demands citizens petition Article 20 be removed ahead scheduled April 2 town meeting

NEW YORK, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Citing no legitimate local authority to restrict fur sales and the unconstitutional restriction on interstate and foreign commerce, the American Fur Council (AFC) seeks immediate removal of citizen petition Article 20 from spring annual town meeting scheduled for April 2.

Proponents of Article 20 have intentionally misled residents and elected officials in the Town of Plymouth with animal welfare narratives that have been proven false time after time. It has been documented that these same proponents believe the sale of leather, wool, and other animal products should also be banned. Fur products remain popular with consumers in Massachusetts along with the ability to choose the products that they want to wear and enjoy.

While fur producers worldwide are complying with the animal welfare and sustainability standards of the FurMark program, Article 20 is extreme and unnecessary as stated by the Plymouth's finance committee member Gail Butler who voted against supporting the bylaw and said, "at this point, I don't think we need this." 

A number of local small businesses that sell fur trim and accessories could be hurt along with environmental unintended consequences specifically, the promotion of plastic faux fur, a fossil fuel byproduct. Research has found these synthetic fur fibers "shed" microfibers into the water when they are cleaned. A single garment could shed 100,000 microfibers in the wash. The microplastics associated with faux fur and other products is so significant that the World Health Organization (WHO) has come just short of calling it a public health crisis.

"Massachusetts' legislation regarding the sale of fur in the state is comprehensive. It clearly regulates how fur can be sold in the state. If fur is sold pursuant to the state law's specification, it can be sold legally anywhere in the state. By attempting to outlaw the sale of fur products entirely within a defined area of Massachusetts, Plymouth's Article 20 inherently conflicts with the state's legislation," says Nick Pologeorgis, Chairman of AFC.

The American Fur Council is already engaged in litigation in other jurisdictions regarding municipal fur bans that are preempted by state bans and the U.S. Constitution having already won concessions in several municipalities. The American Fur Council expects the item to be removed ahead of the April 2 vote.

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