Mostly Trapping

Trappers enjoy various degrees of success so far
Feb 1, 2020 14:24 ET

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Carl Meissner, of Barryton said the freeze and the thaw and warm weather brought some of the raccoons out.

“But that season is all done right now,” he said. “Raccoons and coyotes are pretty much done. They get to where the fur is thinned out and it’s not sellable. Bobcat season was in December. That’s been gone for awhile.

“It’s still going on for beaver and muskrat. There’s enough ice now so anybody who wants to go out and trap for them can get some. The fur is still good. You have to be careful with the ice and such.”

Because of various instances of flooding, the water has been high, Meissner added.

“It’s been tough to get into certain spots,” Meissner said.