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Trapper education field day will be July 8
Jul 2, 2023 07:25 ET

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Jun. 28—If one was looking to purchase tanned hides from furbearers that live in the area, the prices vary all over the board.

Western Montana Fur Center has black and cinnamon bear hides from $245 to $595. The lower priced ones are tanned where the more expensive furs ready to hang on the wall or floor. However, they don't have any in stock.

They do have some bobcat hides around $300 that are tanned, but not rugged. Tanned western coyotes go from $50 to $120, with red coyotes running from $35 to $550. Canadian lynx from $145 to $295, and beavers from $50 to $125.

The point is that trapping is an activity that some consider a winter sport. Some consider it a little extra money. And some feel it is cruel and has no place in today's society.

But the fact that it does remain and is under the jurisdiction of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, it is regulated on number of species, their quota and times of the year for trapping.

But the days of buying traps and hitting the trails are different, and for the better. FWP has classes that are required for residents to purchase a trapping license, much like a hunting license.

Montana's trapper education program includes online coursework and a mandatory in-person field day taught by volunteer instructors, where students can learn from experienced trappers about trapping ethics, avoidance of non-target species, fur management and safety.

This began last year where a Montana resident must purchase a Class C trapping license unless the trapper has purchased a trapping license in at least three prior years (in Montana or another state) and they must be at least 12 years of age. Youth 6-11 years old must purchase a Class C-3 trapping license but are exempt from the requirement to take trapper education, yet, they are limited to what animals they can trap.

This general trapper education course also satisfies the Montana wolf trapper education requirement. Non-residents are exempt from the trapper education requirement as they cannot purchase a Class C license to trap furbearers.

The next upcoming field day for this area is Saturday, July 8 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at FWP Region 2 HQ located at 3201 Spurgin Road in Missoula. Students must register for the field day in advance: Students must also complete the free online education course prior to the field day.