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Trapper, wolf trapper, and hunter education classes coming up in southeast Idaho
Nov 15, 2022 08:35 ET


Trapper Education Classes

With trapping seasons opening up all over the state during the winter months, now is the time to fulfill your trapper education requirement and begin trapping this year! Trapper Education covers trapping laws, safety, ethics, basic trapping methods and ways to avoid non-target catches.

Two opportunities to get certified in Pocatello: Saturday, Nov. 19 or Saturday, Dec. 17 at the Idaho Fish and Game office located at 1345 Barton Road. Each one-day course will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Already an experienced trapper? You may still need the class. As of July 2018, Idaho requires anyone who has not purchased a trapping license BEFORE July 2011 to complete a mandatory Trapper Education course.
Registration for this class can be completed online at or by stopping by any regional Fish and Game office for assistance. The cost of the course is $9.75 per student. Seats are limited!
Don’t live in the Pocatello area? Idaho Fish and Game is working to provide some additional trapper education classes throughout the region in the upcoming year; however, if you know you need this class, don’t wait! A drive to Pocatello for a one-day class is a small sacrifice to ensure you can trap this winter… and for a lifetime!
Please note this course will NOT allow a trapper to immediately begin trapping wolves. Anyone intending to trap wolves must attend a wolf- trapper education class prior to purchasing wolf trapping tags. Therefore, anyone intending to trap wolves that did not hold an Idaho trapping license prior to July 2011 is required to take both trapper and wolf-trapper education.

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