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Town starts coyote trapping after complaints
Jan 6, 2020 10:04 ET

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Naplate starts coyote trapping after complaints
So far, the village has trapped 2 coyotes

Naplate Mayor Gary Mooney told the village board two weeks ago the village had received complaints about coyotes in the area.

“It seems like we have a lot of coyotes in our neighborhoods and we need to do something about it,” Mooney said.

Trustee Art Preci said trapping has started. For safety and liability reasons, trapping coyotes in a live trap by using a licensed trapper appears to be the only solution, he said.

“We have contracted with a trapper for the west side village property,” Preci said. “So far, we've trapped two coyotes.”

La Salle County Animal Control has said while the department hasn't had many coyote complaints, a Naplate representative, calling to ask about the problem and a solution, was referred to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police.

“The village did call us,” said Conservation Police Sgt. Phil Wire. “They were asking if it was legal to trap coyotes and we said that according to state law, there is a coyote-trapping season. But coyotes are the only animals in Illinois in which there is an open hunting season.”

Trapping/Hunting rules

An average of 7,000 coyotes are hunted each year in Illinois. Approximately 5,250 (75%) are taken by hunters and 1,750 (25%) by trappers. The trapping season is allowed only in fall and winter months, while the hunting season is open year-round.

If a landowner grants permission, trapping is allowed on private property. Permission must be obtained from anyone living within 100 yards of where the traps are set. Because of this rule, trapping in residential areas is often limited. Trapping along roads or other public right-of-ways is not allowed.

Coyote facts

Coyotes appear in urban and suburban areas. They are most prevalent in areas with a mixture of farm, wood and grasslands.

They are the largest wild predator in Illinois. While their diet consists of animal matter, they eat insects, fruits, berries, rabbits and mice.

How to avoid attracting coyotes

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources recommends a few things residents can do to avoid attracting coyotes: never leave pet food outdoors, secure garbage cans and never leave small pets alone outside if you suspect there are coyotes in the area.