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Town explores 'trapping' as solution to rabid fox problem
Feb 5, 2020 21:16 ET

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BATH (WGME) -- With rabid fox attacks increasing in the Midcoast, the city of Bath says they're at a point where they need to take action.

There have already been several fox attacks in the Midcoast just this year, including two Tuesday.

Now officials in Bath are working on a concrete solution to present at Wednesday night's city council meeting.

It's something the Midcoast is all too familiar with, and after Tuesday's attack in Phippsburg, everyone is on high alert.

"We've responded to six different calls of suspicious activities by foxes in West Bath since the first of the year," Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry said.

Sagadahoc County Sherrif Joel Merry has seen that increase all across the area.

"This seems to be a case more where the animals need to be more aggressive, they go directly toward people," Merry said.

The city of Bath says it's time to take action.

Wednesday night, the USDA is proposing "trapping" as a solution, and the city says they want to move forward with this as soon as possible before the animals reproduce in the spring.

In the meantime, animal control wants you to stay proactive.

"Make sure your pets are vaccinated, keep a close eye on them and any little children and just be aware of your surroundings," West Bath Animal Control Officer Norm Turner said.