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The Reader: Queen hasn’t thrown away her furs yet
Nov 8, 2019 09:55 ET

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It has been reported that the Queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly, has said that Her Majesty will not be buying any new furs, but despite what campaigners may claim, the Queen is not going “fur free” [“Queen makes history as first royal to go fur-free ”, November 4].

The royal family has been at the forefront of championing animal welfare and conservation efforts across the globe for many years, something that accords fully with responsibly sourced fur.

Natural fur is one of the most sustainable and long-lasting natural products available in contrast to plastic-made faux alternatives.

People are supportive of the sale of fur products that accord to high animal welfare standards, environmental sustainability and are subject to independent inspection.

The Queen is the most famous fur-wearer in the UK and her continued use of fur remains rightly steadfast and appropriate.
Giles Roca, Chief executive, British Fur Trade Association

Editor's reply
Dear Giles
As you know, the debate about the use of fur in fashion has picked up pace this year with a host of the most famous fashion houses — see Prada and Gucci — choosing to dissociate themselves from the product. The comments made by Angela Kelly suggest Her Majesty is equally keen to tone down her links with the fur trade, which is broadly considered to be out of step with society.

“If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather, from 2019 onwards fake fur will be used” notes Kelly. While I appreciate faux fur is not without its challenges, the facts behind the “real” alternative make for more disturbing reading.

It is my understanding that the Queen will continue to wear her existing fur pieces when out of the public eye. As the conversation surrounding landfill caused by throwaway fashion continues, it is this determination to re-wear and recycle clothes that makes Her Majesty a leading and inspiring example to follow.
Karen Dacre, Fashion Editor

Central line pain: here we go again
Commiserations to fellow passengers using the eastern part of the Central line [“Uproar as peak Central line trains axed ”, November 4]. Despite looking to cut two trains an hour in peak times TfL maintain that they would deliver ‘’an enhanced service on the busiest section of the line’’.

We in the western section had the same problem for a few years since they stopped trains at both White City and North Acton to run them back through the centre. The net result has been to make peak hour trains on the West Ruislip branch, both morning and evening, infrequent and very crowded.

This latest move makes a mockery of TfL’s tag line ‘’Every journey matters’’.
Peter King

Brexit is not a party issue
The biggest issue the UK is facing is Brexit, which is not a party issue. What a choice we have in the election: Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn, both of whom I hold in contempt, as our next prime minister.

Like many Tories, I will vote Liberal Democrat and the Tories will know why. The easiest way to settle Brexit is to revoke Article 50. It’s a win-win and Britain already has a great deal with the European Union.
David Chaldecott

Rugby players really are heroes?
All the fine talk about inspiring young people and creating sporting legacies once again turns to ashes as the England rugby team are pictured [November 4] pushing their baggage through a deserted airport terminal.

And this is the team, one of the youngest ever to play in a World Cup, who on their way to the Rugby World Cup final beat Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

As the retired head of a sports college I know we won’t do anything to inspire the next generation if we continue to perpetuate the idea that the only people of any value in a sport are the ones who finally lift the trophy and, in the case of the England team, ignore the humble and very talented squad of players who devoted themselves so wholeheartedly to preparing for a fiercely intense competition in order to represent their country.

The team’s arrival time at Heathrow should have been publicised so that those of us who think they did us proud could have given them a proper welcome home. A heroes’ welcome.
Chris Dunne