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The Lost Trapper of Crater Creek
Mar 9, 2022 06:37 ET

Fur trapping remained a popular enterprise in Central Oregon through the first half of the 20th century. Hearty trappers would spend winters in the snow-covered regions on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. One trapper met a tragic end in 1925.

Charles George left the Anderson Mill on Tumalo Creek on Friday, Jan. 30, 1925. His pack was loaded with supplies and provisions. He climbed steadily upward and headed toward the first of a string of trapping cabins which included the forest guard cabin at upper Tumalo Meadow, another small shelter known as "Slide" cabin, a cabin of Crater Creek, one at Sparks Lake and one at Elk Lake, which held most of his provisions. He was a single man 35 years of age. The previous year, he had worked the territory he was then traveling to.

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