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TRAPPER used job loss to start new business repairing outdoor equipment called Flat Tail
Oct 17, 2021 08:56 ET

Eighteen months ago, Robert Dill of Carterville, Ill., made good use of his ability to build anything and everything.

Dill, an avid outdoorsman, grew up building and tinkering with whatever he could get his hands on. If he ever needed something, he built it for himself. If his friends ever needed anything, Dill was their guy.

The 41-year-old began his professional career as a union carpenter before he and his family relocated to southern Illinois. He was able to flex his welding and fabrication muscles while working as manager of a hunting ranch, much to the surprise of his boss. He lost that job once the ranch was sold, but by then word was out. Need something fixed or made from scratch? Contact Dill. He had drummed up enough interest in his weld and fab work to make a go of it full time.

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