Mostly Trapping

Students learn how to skin a beaver
Nov 27, 2018 14:26 ET

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Allyson Potvin
HPE Reporter
This is Allyson with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade KC is very excited to start skating. They will be skating on Nov. 29 from 11 a.m. to noon. Students will leave the school at 10:30 a.m. Parents, please feel free to join them.

The Grade 5 students have been participating in Land-Based Learning with Sucker Creek First Nations. The second session was about trapping and snaring. Elder Ronnie Willier was great at informing the students about different traps and snares and how they have become more humane over the years. He explained the past and present reasons that First Nations people have traplines.

The teachers, EAs and students were given the opportunity to skin a beaver. Many of the students and adults took the chance to try.

The next thing the students did was to walk the route of a mock trapline that Willier had set up. He explained that years ago trappers would be gone all winter to man their traplines. Nowadays, with the modern convenience of snow machines, a trapper is able to get to their trapline in a matter of hours.

Report cards are coming home this week. That means that Student-Led Conferences are coming up at HPE on Nov. 28-29 from 4-6 p.m. Remember to look in your child’s agenda to see if there is a sign-up sheet to visit your child’s classroom.

Grade 5C has been enjoying having student teacher Michelle Henkel in their class. She has been teaching the L.A. and Social Studies units since October. Now she is working at teaching Math and Phys. Ed. The students are having fun and learning lots.

Students in Grade 3Z have been having fun learning and refining their basketball skills in P.E. They are learning about place value up to 1,000 in Math and are very excited to be reading BFG as a class in L.A.

Grade 4S has been really busy! In L.A., they are writing a writing sequence, creating poetry, and working on word work. In Math, they have been continuing developing number sense with , -, ÷, x operations, word problems, estroutathny, and open-ended word problems. In Science, they are constructing simple machines to discover how they work. During Social Studies they’re discovering important resources in our communities in Alberta and their significance when deciding to build a community. In P.E they have been doing floor hockey and cooperative games.

To help celebrate Metis Week, EA Laura St. Cyr cooked the staff lunch. They enjoyed Indian Tacos, baked and fried bannock and cake. You are the best, Laura! Thanks!

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!