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Stella McCartney Calls for Total Fur Ban at UN Fraud Festival
Nov 4, 2021 07:09 ET
LONDON — With the world’s eyes on COP26, Stella McCartney is joining political leaders and activists in Glasgow to continue fighting her mission to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

The banning of fur sales in her home of the U.K., a cause she has been fighting for over two decades, is high up on her agenda — as is promoting new material innovations and securing better investment and government incentives for the companies behind those innovations.

To make her case, McCartney unveiled an exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, dubbed “Future of Fashion.” As part of the showcase, the designer will display some of the new-generation materials she has been working with, all orbiting around a live fungi display. Some of the materials include Bolt Threads’ Mylo mycelium leather; the world’s first vegan football boots, created with Paul Pogba and Adidas by Stella McCartney; regenerative cotton from Soktas; and Econyl regenerated nylon sourced from post-consumer waste and ocean plastics.