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Some Words from Mark June on Tman forum
Nov 22, 2022 08:46 ET

[Reprinted from original]

Titled: Many of the TMan threads have the same theme

Immorality. And it has one source. Sin.

Those who are in church leadership, all of whom are sinners, live more and more in our time where people believe the enemy is “anything that limits the free play of individual desire.” I was reading a Gospel Coalition article today which summarizes quite well where we are, and what church leaders must decide - especially for themselves.

"There’s nothing that constrains desire more than orthodoxy. For Christian institutions, orthodoxy is based primarily on the Bible but also on the creeds, catechisms, and other writings of earlier believers. For the promoters of sexual immorality, this enemy—orthodoxy—must be overcome so individual desire can reign more fully.

If this preference for unconstrained desire was merely limited to the “woke,” Christian organizations wouldn’t have much cause for concern. But opposition to constraints on desire is part of the American DNA. Indeed, far too many Christians pay lip service to biblical ethics while giving their full allegiance to the neopagan ethic of “Do what you will, so long as it harms none.” Constraints shouldn’t be in place, they believe, unless there’s clear and obvious harm done to other people by allowing the behavior."

Never has what other people done not effected a society. Of course it does. We are that people.
And the unorthodox among us have fully declared war on what has been handed down once for all by the saints.
Of that, there's no doubt.
It gives a perspective to all things.


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