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Singer's dog killed by coyote
Feb 11, 2019 09:42 ET

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LeeAnn Rimes is mourning the loss of her beloved dog Eveie.

On Thursday, Rimes, 36, revealed her pooch died after being attacked by a coyote as the singer watched on helpless to save her pup from the vicious animal.

“This is one of the most difficult, heartbroken moments our whole family has ever experienced,” Rimes captioned a slideshow of photos of Eveie on Instagram.

“Our baby, Eveie, was attacked in front of us yesterday by a coyote. She was so much more than our dog, she was an old soul,” Rimes continued.

“She’d look in your eyes and speak deeply into you without any words. Eddie, the boys and myself are left with such a hole in our family and in our hearts. She was our daughter, our boy’s best friend,” Rimes said of her husband Eddie Cibrian and his sons Jake, 11, and Mason, 15, with ex Brandi Glanville.

Rimes later admitted that she and her family have taken turns “crying and consoling” each other as they cope with life without Eveie.

“We were so blessed to have her stumble into our lives, to have LovEd her with every inch of our being and to have her LovE us back just the same.”