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Saga Furs’ March Auction postponed to April 1 due to the coronavirus outbreak
Feb 14, 2020 12:23 ET

[Reprinted from original]

The health of our customers and employees is a top priority at Saga Furs. Therefore, Saga Furs has made the decision to postpone the March Auction. The March auction will be held on 1-7 April with the inspection dates 27-31 March.

By moving the auction to a later date, we want to assure a broad attendance and a strong auction by allowing those customers currently under travel restrictions to attend the auction. Additionally, we wish to avoid the health hazards associated with large gatherings of people at this time.

We will continue to follow the guidance from health officials.

The company will take extra precautions during the auction, for example by reminding visitors about proper hand hygiene and making hand sanitizers readily available.

The auction offering will remain unchanged despite the change in schedule.