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Red Fox Trapping Volunteer Needed
Feb 7, 2019 20:25 ET

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Alaska Residents Only

The Senner Lab at the University of South Carolina is seeking an a research assistant to join in the live-capture and collaring of red fox (Vulpes vulpes alascensis) for a TWO-WEEK trapping effort in the area around Beluga, AK. Foxes will be
This study is focused on understanding how predator’s daily movement and activity patterns respond to risk avoidance measures in prey species, and how prey-phenology affects the diet of a small-bodied carnivore.

Foxes will be trapped with Victor #1.5 soft-catch foothold traps and fitted with GPS-collars to monitor their fine-scale movements throughout the spring and summer months.
Assistants will be partly responsible for: [1] foothold trapping and physical restraint methods, [2] animal monitoring [3] collar deployment & ear tagging, [4] nightly spotlight surveys to determine areas of high-activity, and [5] opportunistic backtracking to discover den locations.

We are seeking volunteers currently living in Alaska with experience with the following:
  • Data collection with attention to detail
  • Working as part of a team under time-sensitive conditions
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Experience operating (or comfort with) snowmobile or four-wheeler in wintry conditions
  • Nordic ski or snowshoe experience (equipment provided)
  • Comfort with and experience with cold weather
  • Hiking over rough terrain in adverse conditions.
  • Willingness to learn trapping techniques with dirt hole sets, trap-site maintenance, and routine trap-line monitoring

  • Preference will be given to volunteers with experience with the following:
  • Fox, canid, or similar predator live-trapping (Foothold, dirt-hole sets)
  • Handling and/or restraining animals, both wild or domestic
  • Track and scat identification, and experience ‘back-tracking’ wild animals

This project will take place in a remote location (Beluga River, AK), with limited electricity and access to telecommunications. Travel to field site, rustic housing (cabin w/ electricity, w/o running water), and food will be provided by the Senner Lab at UofSC.

Interested persons should send an email with the subject “Assist_trap2019” to In the body of the email please include: [1] Short description of your experience with the above methods [2] your availability in March 2019.