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Radio station featured Maine Trappers channel in top listing (video)
Feb 22, 2022 06:50 ET


Trapping Today:
Trapping is an art. Unfortunately, it's an outdoor craft that has been in decline. Compounding factors are leading to this, including fur prices being at all-time lows, master ol' timers that are retiring from the trap line, or the relentless distorted campaigns pushed by out of state anti-trapping organizations. Trapping is the most regulated outdoor sport in Maine. Anyone who has taken a trapping class in Maine knows the activity strictly follows best management practices for the welfare of targeted animals. Today's trappers need to do it precisely by the law book, and more ethically than the previous generations of trappers. There's never been more of a microscope on trappers than there is today.

Jeremiah Wood has been this author's go-to source when learning the art of trapping in Maine. His channel is a phenomenal resource for learning specifically how to trap in Maine. It is a challenging state to trap, especially with our cold temps and crazy weather. Other channels on YouTube are based in areas of the country where snow and ice don't freeze coyote foot-hold sets into ground, or burry marten box sets under feet of snow. Jeremiah's channel takes on these challenges, and he makes it look easy.

Follow along as he ventures into the big woods of Maine, checking his trap lines for various targeted spices. His content extends from trap line checks, to building trap boxes, trap prep, skinning and fleshing techniques, and everything in between. In addition to his YouTube channel, Jeremiah has a podcast, and wrote a phenomenal book on the great Walter Arnold.

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