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Raccoon and other furbearer hunting increases in popularity in Illinois
Dec 12, 2022 07:47 ET

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — While deer hunting is maybe the most well-known hunting season in Illinois, another hunting and trapping season is increasing in popularity in Illinois: raccoon.

The 2019-20 Illinois Fur Harvest Survey said that sales of furbearer trapping licenses increased to 6,718 in 2019-20, up from 6,463 in 2018-19. During 2018-19, approximately 5,041 raccoon hunters spent 83,632 days afield and 22,631 coyote hunters spent 188,764 days afield. Raccoon pelt sales increased from 44,889 in 2018-19 to 55,070 in 2019-20.

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