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Passed trapping bill for disabled veterans and Alaska National Guard members
Mar 9, 2023 05:55 ET

A BILL THAT WOULD PROVIDE VETERANS and members of the Alaska National Guard with free trapping licenses has passed the Alaska Legislature.

Senate Bill 10, authored by Juneau Sen. Jesse Kiehl, passed the House of Representatives on a 39-0 vote Monday. Representative Tom McKay was excused from the call in the House.

Representative Mike Cronk of Tok, who had filed an identical companion bill in the House, carried the bill for Sen. Kiehl.

“This bill extends a free trapping license to service-disabled veterans and active-duty National Guard and Reserves,” Cronk said on the House floor Tuesday. “They currently receive a free hunting and fishing license, and I’m not sure why the trapping part was left out. I am always encouraging that we support our trapping.”

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