Conservation and Trapping News

Partial List of Plants/Animals FOOT HOLD Trap help PROTECT
Oct 28, 2022 11:16 ET

Rare Species Under Restoration Species Trapped to Aid Restoration

Pink Lady Slipper - Beaver
Pitcher Plant - Beaver
Desert Tortoise - Coyote
Sea Turtle - Raccoon
Alleghany Wood Rat - Raccoon
Aleutian Canada Goose - Arctic Fox
Attwater’s Prairie Chicken - Coyote
Brown Pelican - Coyote
Mississippi Sandhill Crane - Coyote
Alabama Beach Mouse Red - Fox
Columbian White-tailed Deer - Coyote
San Joaquin Kit Fox - Coyote
Whooping Crane - Coyote, Red Fox
Least Tern - Red Fox, Raccoon, Coyote, Opossum
Black-footed Ferret - Coyote (taken for disease monitoring)
Piping Plover - Red Fox, Raccoon, Mink, Striped Skunk