Conservation and Trapping Science

Jul 24, 2021 06:41 ET

[Reprinted from original]

Fur Harvesters July auction will not conclude until Friday evening July 23, 2021, this being the final day of our 5 day online auction. A full report of results will be available Monday afternoon.

Prior to this week’s auction we had Canadian brokers/buyers in the previous week inspecting goods and making catalogs for buyers around the globe. As of today, results on many items are better than predicted, while articles such as raccoon and beaver showed very little interest this time around. We had concerns with the large offering of beaver this time that orders were not there as we had a decent beaver sale in April and a lot of customers filled up at that time.

The recent announcement of a certain company no longer using coyote trim on parkas had a few people concerned. Those of us in the business at the auction level felt differently as we sell into a market that is much deeper than just one customer. All coyotes suitable to the trimming trade did very well. Central and lower grades of eastern coyotes met resistance as was expected. Items such as fisher, sables and otter realized price increases over April and strong clearances. Muskrats increased over April as well with only the top few lots of the best winter goods being held back. We held the line on Canadian lynx for the better grades and moved the lower grades at market level. We have a very large offering of lynx cats and we did manage to sell many fancy cats needed to fill European orders. A live auction is needed in order to have strong clearances on this luxury article.

It is expected that today’s large offering of wolves, wolverine and sundry goods will sell very well. Detailed price report coming next week.

As of today this auction house has had a surprisingly good year, thanks to all of you