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POSITIVE Market Update on Beaver & Otter (video)
Feb 3, 2022 07:25 ET


  • Raised price on beaver
  • Will be running most routes in N. America including Canada
  • Some states he wanted you to know they'll run in: PA, NY, VA, SD, SC, MD, NC, GA, TN, IA, WI, LA, TX, MS, MI, NE. But he might have missed some so check their website (US: CAN:
  • Beaver market has definitely improved. Beaver is kind of a "non Chinese article."
  • Hatter market is a bit better
  • Will pay $12 tops right now on green beaver.
  • Will pay $20 tops (and maybe even a little bit more) on dry beaver in the best sections.
  • Fold green beaver over one time once you've skinned it. Don't thaw it out, bring to truck hard-frozen.
  • Beaver does not go to China. They can use all they can get. Including the castor.
  • Otter is another item that is also good for them.