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Otter busted swimming in private pool
Feb 15, 2019 09:48 ET

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas — A Woodlands homeowner was surprised to find an uninvited guest chilling out in her swimming pool.

Turns out, it was a river otter.

It’s not unusual to see the otters in the wild, swimming in Houston-area creeks and rivers, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Swimming pools are a different story. Especially since otters are usually shy and like to remain inconspicuous.

Once the otter realized it had been busted, it slithered away.

“The River Otter is a long, slender "weasel" with glossy, dark brown fur, webbed feet and a very streamlined body adapted for life in the water,” according to the TPWD website.

Otters are fabulous swimmers and divers and can remain underwater for several minutes. They can also travel long distances on land, although they'll probably look a little awkward doing it.

River otters were once trapped for their fur, so their populations dwindled in Texas. As trapping decreased, otter populations rebounded.

And that, in a nutshell, is everything you've ever wanted to know about river otters but were afraid to ask.