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One Hundred Years In The Making, American Hat Company (from 2020)
Apr 20, 2022 14:15 ET

Keith Mundee: We like to say it’s not doing one thing 1000% better, it’s doing a 1000 things 1% better. There are multiple steps to making a quality hat and over time, many of these steps have been turned over to machines. At American Hat Company, we prefer to do these steps by hand.

A felt hat is all about feel and a great finish, so we finish hats by hand one at a time. We don’t let a machine and a timer tell us when the hat is done. It’s not done until it feels great and looks great. Our 1000X American Mink hat is known as the finest Cowboy Hat in the world and is made of pure belly beaver hair and blended with American mink. Our top of the line felt hats are made from pure belly beaver hair, and our midline hats are a blend of beaver and hare. We don’t make 100% wool hats because they don’t hold up to our standard of quality. A felt hat will pass through 19 separate steps during manufacturing with 19 individual craftsmen specializing in each process.

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