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OH: Decision Day on Bobcat Hunting Season
May 17, 2018 09:01 ET
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With the Ohio Wildlife Council set to make its decision Thursday evening regarding a proposed bobcat trapping season, the state’s former lead wildlife biologist for fur-bearing mammals discussed her opposition to the plan. Suzie Prange served as the state’s top biologist for fur-bearing mammals for 11 years before resigning last December for “personal reasons.” She said those reasons were not directly tied to the trapping of bobcats, which she studied in the wild for seven years. The state declassified bobcats from endangered status in July 2014. Prange, who now belongs to the Save Ohio’s Bobcats II anti-trapping group, said there are several reasons she opposes the Ohio Department of Natural Resources proposal to create two bobcat trapping “zones” — with Zone B featuring 11 Southeast Ohio counties including Athens County. The proposed season would extend from Nov. 10, 2018 through Jan. 29, 2019, allowing the trapping of 20 bobcats in Zone B and 40 in Zone C, featuring Eastern Ohio counties.