Conservation and Trapping Science

Nutria: The effect of feed restriction...on meat quality
Jul 15, 2021 09:04 ET

The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of quantitative feed restriction on the carcass composition and physical, chemical, histochemical and sensory properties of meat from male and female nutria at the end of the feed restriction and fattening period. In the experiment, from two to eight months of age, males and females were divided into two groups: one group was fed ad libitum throughout the experiment, and the second group was restricted to two weeks (from 11 to 12 weeks of age). The restricted nutrias received 75% ad libitum feeding. The significant interaction among feed restriction, sex and age was revealed only in the cross-sectional area of all muscle fiber types. Age was the main factor affecting carcass composition and meat quality characteristics. Sex-related differences in carcass composition and some sensory attributes and feed restriction-related differences in carcass composition were observed.

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