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"Next-Step" Trapping Courses Free
Jun 13, 2023 16:31 ET

√ Trapping (water trapping or land trapping) and fur handling courses – Learn safe, efficient and humane trapping techniques for various furbearers trapped in the water (e.g., beaver, muskrat) or on land (e.g., coyote, raccoon), how to process furs and the equipment needed to do so, and how to use the furs, including preparing them for market.

All “Next Step” courses are free, but registration is required. Supplies and equipment are provided by course instructors, so students do not have to bring their own. Those interested will need their hunter or trapper education certificate number to register. The minimum age to take a “Next Step” course is 12. There is no certification offered with these courses.

To learn what “Next Step” courses are being offered, and to register, visit DEC’s website at Since these are new courses, availability may be limited. Hunters and trappers are encouraged to check back often, as courses will continuously be added.

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