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NY State: Wolf or Coyote?
Oct 12, 2022 12:12 ET

Caveat: Yes I understand the "wolf" caught recently was likely a coyote and their push of this is likely globalist trash influence designed to stop the age-old conservation utility of trapping (and for food). But that doesn't mean the information isn't important, and it doesn't mean wolves aren't in NY State somewhere.

=========Reprint of the NY State notice:

Wolf vs. Coyote
Last month, genetic testing confirmed that a canid taken by a hunter in Otsego County in 2021 was a wolf. We have documented a few wolves and wolf hybrids over the last 20 years in New York. In most cases, analyses indicated these animals were released from captivity. While the origin of this animal is still being investigated, DEC reminds hunters and trappers that wolves are protected in New York as an endangered species. Wild wolves are present in portions of Ontario and Quebec, and it is possible for these animals to travel into New York. With the opening of coyote hunting and trapping seasons this fall, care should be taken in identifying any large canids encountered. Wolves can be distinguished from coyotes by their larger size (Eastern coyotes rarely weigh more than 50 pounds); proportionally smaller, rounded ears; and broader head and snouts (see images below).

If you suspect that you have seen a wolf, please report it to DEC. If possible, get pictures of the animal and/or its tracks, preferably with something in the image for scale. If you have a canine in a trap that is over 4.5 ft. in length (tip of nose to tip of tail) and appears to be over 50 pounds, contact NYSDEC law enforcement (1-844-332-3267) before dispatching the animal.