Conservation and Trapping Science

NTA Convention Exhibition List of Demos
Jul 20, 2021 14:05 ET
Convention Demos
Thursday, July 22
9am - Marty Smith of IA: Canines
10am - Rick Hanseth of IA: Raccoon
11am - Mike Sells of IA: Muskrat
12pm - Tom Parr of OH: Trap Collecting
1pm - Red O'Hearn of IA: Mink/Raccoon
2pm - Chip Davis of MS: Trap Anatomy
3pm - Skye Goode of WI: Cable Restraints
4pm - Larry Karels of IA: Beaver

Friday, July 23
9am - Clint Locklear of TN: Canines
10am - Angela Hawkins of OH: Turtle Trapping
11am - Alan Probst of PA: North American Trapper
12pm - Bob Driscoll of FL: Trapping Invasive Species
1pm - Leon Windschitl of WI: Fur Handling
2pm - Lesel Reuwsaat of SD: Predators
3pm - Rich Faler of PA: Fisher
4pm - J.D. Rogge of IA: Cable Restraints

Saturday, July 24
9am - Cletis Richards of MO: Canines
10am - Mark June of TX: Predators
11am - Chris Lunn of WY: ADC Slideshow
12pm - Kendall Obemeier of IA: Canines
1pm - Andy Weiser of NV: Government Predator Trapping
2pm - Jeff Dunlap of MI: Canines
3pm - Dave Hastings/John Daniel of NE/TN: Protecting Trapping

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