Conservation through Science under God

Feb 18, 2021 09:02 ET

You may notice some stories here look "a little weird" because they're run through an archiver first. IF I didn't do that: You wouldn't see them.

Because: they are in these cases, behind "pay walls" from large conglomerates (Gannett, NY Times, etc).

My position on this is that if a company isn't willing to pay programmers to hide things properly using real authentication, I'll take it all day long and publish it. Heck I'll take it anyway... but I only put it up in the instances described herein, I'm not out to screw over real businesses. I take from the MSM, screw them. They have money and knowhow-enough SO: if they choose not to use proper authentication that's been around 20 years (and make no mistake they know how), I'm putting it up for the world.