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Mountain lion conditional season opens Saturday
Dec 17, 2019 08:06 ET

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Late-season mountain lion hunting in much of western North Dakota has been closed after the harvest limit was reached.

The quota in Zone 1 was either seven total cats or three females. The state Game and Fish Department on Sunday reported that seven lions had been taken.

Zone 1 essentially is west central and southwest North Dakota. The late season opened Nov. 25, after the early season closed, and was scheduled to run through March 31, 2020, or until the harvest limit was reached. Hunters can pursue lions with dogs during the late season.

A conditional season in Zone 1 will open Saturday for hunters to pursue the additional two mountain lions that were not taken during the early season. The limit during that season was eight lions, and hunters killed only six.

The conditional season will run through March or until two cats are taken. Early season regulations apply, which means hunters are not allowed to use dogs. Hunters who harvested a lion during the early or late seasons are not eligible to participate.

The lion season in Zone 2, which is the rest of the state, has no harvest limit and is open through March 31.

The mountain lion season is open only to North Dakota residents. Hunters need a furbearer or combination license to participate.