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Mid Season Fur Market Report (video)
Dec 12, 2022 16:47 ET

Video (published 12/12/2022):

Summary of video:

  • Most of his information has come from Groenewold (GFW)
  • GFW was buying in Elkader, Iowa over the past few days. The reason that was important to Stu was because Elkader is geographically located in what can be called the, "Golden Triangle for Coons." This is a part of the country that covers NE Iowa, SW Wisconsin, and SE Minnesota. Some of best coon in the country originate in this, "triangle."
  • Prices Stu saw: All green coons. Stu saw 100-150 pelts go through the truck window. Top was about $10 avg, low price was $4-$6, and average price was $6-$7.
  • Not early caught coon all, but some. Most caught over the past few weeks.
  • A lot of people not bringing in their small sizes. He say at least XL, most of them were 2XL and up.
  • Muskrats: All he saw were put up. He saw 300-400 muskrats in total. Prices $.50 to $3.00 for a put up muskrat.
  • Beaver: All green. Paid average of $15. Some $7 and some $10 but average of $13-$15.
  • Beaver prices have been down over the past few years, now they're up.
  • Stu asked Charlie from Hoosier Trapping Supply why beaver prices were up. Because beaver are really centered around the hatter market. And prices are usually lower because they need to go through yet another step (shearing) after buying from the trapper which ads cost to the end product. Charlie said the tv show, "Yellowstone" has driven up the demand. We heard this on a podcast recently, maybe theirs.
  • GFW bought a little bit of castor. $40-ish per pound Stu thought. Stu thinks castor price will be high this year.
  • Disappointing was coyotes. 30-40 coyotes were bought at $2-$3 each and it didn't matter if they were green or put up.
  • Stu is tanning his own coyotes this year, keeping all feet on them.
  • Stu said there are a ton of other markets if you go out and find them yourself. Skulls, essence, meat, live (coyotes), etc.
  • Stu said we still need to get out and trap. Deer and turkey thousands and tens of thousands taken every year by nest predators and ground predators.