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Michael Schmidt on Raw Milk (video)
Apr 21, 2022 14:21 ET

This video put up on the Weston A. Price RSS feed on 04/18/2022.

Raw Milk – A Deeper Perspective. Diving into the mind of Michael Schmidt, who has been the driving force behind the raw milk movement in Canada, and arguably the best known raw milk proponent in the world. With an in-depth look into some of the obvious issues of the efficacy surrounding the distribution and selling of raw milk, and how this ties into into the volatile issue of liberty. For the other side of the coin, we have Art Hill – professor of Food Science at Guelph University, who represents the prevalent, establishment view of raw milk. The video footage is from 2016, so some of Michael's points should be taken in the context of this date. Authored, produced and edited by Unfiltered Story founder and publisher Paul Marchenko.