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Man Kills Giant 14lb Possum Trying to Raid His Chicken Coop
Dec 24, 2021 11:35 ET

Odds are you’ve never seen a possum of these proportions. The giant critter that Dan Antilla shot on November 10 just outside of his home in Linwood, Minnesota looks like a real-life R.O.U.S, or Rodent of Unusual Size, from The Princess Bride—though opossums are not actually rodents but marsupials. Technicalities aside, the nocturnal creature had been breaking into and stealing eggs from Antilla’s chicken coop for several weeks before he laid eyes on it.

“I thought it was a fox, but it was weird that the chickens weren’t disappearing,” Antilla tells F&S, noting that he was finding large holes in the fencing. “I was getting so mad that the chickens kept getting out and up onto my patio and pooping on it. I finally went and wrapped a new set of chicken wire around the bottom of the coop.”

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