Trapping Conservation and Self-Reliance News

Dec 15, 2023 11:02 ET

[Reprinted from original]

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The signs that the market is picking up have really been noticeable since as of early November. We have been
getting increased requests for letters of invitation for foreign buyers wanting to acquire visas to attend our March
22-24 auction. This past week we received another half dozen requests for visa entry letters of invite. With our
first auction of 2024 three months away this has never happened before so early and in such volume.
Buyers are asking about quantities and availability of a great many species. Of particular interest are BEAVER,
MARTEN, FISHER, OTTER and LYNX as well as growing interest in all sections of BOBCAT. Even western
coyotes are being asked about and with production being way down on this article we are optimistic on seeing a
price and clearance improvement in March. We continue to hold to values on the muskrat and we will have several
hundred thousand for offer in March which in this quantity will be available nowhere else.
This company has never been one to boast and quote prices ahead of an auction. We are in the business of
getting the largest crowd possible in your auction room to battle for your goods on auction day. All indications
are strongly pointing to our March auction room being full of buyers from around the world. We are feeling very
confident that all those with fur consigned on our March 2024 auction will be glad they did.
From all of us here at Fur Harvesters Auction we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2024.