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Luring the trappers of tomorrow
May 11, 2022 07:36 ET

BARNUM - With a cluster of rapt young boys looking up at him, Shawn Johnson was talking about the time he got a finger caught in a wolf trap. He held up a couple of traps much smaller than a wolf trap, his little finger clamped firmly in one of them, talking about the potential pitfalls in a trapper’s life.

“Any trapper who’s honest will tell you he’s been caught in about everything,” said Duluth’s Johnson, president of the Minnesota Trappers Association.
Johnson was addressing Minnesota’s trappers of tomorrow during a seminar at the annual Minnesota Trappers Association Rendezvous and Convention on Friday at the Carlton County Fairgrounds in Barnum. The event continues through Sunday, but today will offer the best chance to take in seminars and demonstrations, and to stock up on mink lure and coyote urine, if you need that sort of thing.

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