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Lot of Traps for Sale
Nov 16, 2018 09:57 ET
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Comments: condition: good
I am retiring from trapping for fur at age 64. This hardware has been in my possession for many years, and has seen many adventures. It includes: 5 large body grippers, 5 small body grippers single spring, 6 small body gripers double spring, 12 Victor #3 coil spring- 4 w/double stake and 8 w/wire slides. 12 Victor #1 1/2 coil spring w/ wire slides, 6 Victor # 1 long spring, 1 bucket of wax, 1 pack basket, and 1 wood storage box if you want it. All have been boiled clean, dyed in black walnuts, and waxed. Pan tension will need your own adjustment. I have modified most of them to suit my own needs, with swivels, chain springs, and round wire welded to the jaws on some. I've had a pull out or two, but not many, This would be a good start up set for a young person looking to spend the winter months in the woods. I believe it is priced right. You may check it out here at my shop in St. Louis