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Los Altos resident’s camera offers a peek into the secret lives of coyotes
May 12, 2021 07:55 ET
There are several moments during the footage when she appears to look directly at the camera lens, a wary gaze within her mismatched eyes. Her teeth, so adept at puncturing the hide of rodents and rabbits, gently grasp Akdu, who lies limp in her mouth. She steps forward and backward before doubling back to complete a circle, and then she’s off, passing the camera with her pup and exiting the frame.

Vivek Garud of Los Altos’ Highlands neighborhood captured the video of the coyote mother and her four pups – Akdu, Pakdu, Jakdu and Lakdu – departing their makeshift den beneath his deck May 3. He posted the footage to social media networks, including Nextdoor and YouTube, later last week.

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