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Live-trapping Lynx in the far north
Apr 9, 2022 06:11 ET

NORTH OF COLDFOOT — The lynx looks out from inside a chicken-wire cage. Despite its loss of freedom and the nearby squeaking of boots on cold snow, the wild cat looks calm, as if it might be resting while digesting a snowshoe hare.

Knut Kielland, a professor with UAF’s Department of Biology and Wildlife, used to trap lynx for their fur. Here, he has captured this 22-pound female lynx as part of an Alaska-wide project he leads to better understand the ecology of the animal.

He started live-trapping lynx back in 2008, at the Bonanza Creek Long Term Ecological Program in the forest near Fairbanks. Here north of the Arctic Circle, Kielland partnered with Donna DiFolco of the National Park Service in 2014 to study lynx.

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