Trapping Conservation and Self-Reliance News

Little Valley Convention Demo And Poster
Aug 6, 2023 06:36 ET


12 pm - John Houben Coyote trapping and Denning Dogs
1:00pm - Ronny Smith Fur Stretcher - Proper Selection and use
2:00pm - Mike Wilhite Fisher Trapping
3:00pm - Jim Geffert Canine trapping
4:00pm - Mike Spencer Beaver Trapping
5:00pm - Scott Dalrymple Home pest control


9:00am - Mike Spencer Beaver trapping-Flat set with drowning pole
10:00am - John Houben Predator sets
11:00am- Sam Luther Ginseng Harvesting
12:00pm- Mike Wilhite Trapping the Yukon
1:00pm - Jim Geffert Lure selection early and late season
2:00pm - Mary Lou Houben Women catching rodents and canoe trip
3:00pm - Don Wild Wildlife food plots, plant selection and site prep
4:00pm - Bob Schmidt Mink and Muskrat

Note: See TMan link for updates. I just copied and pasted what they had into this posting. This posting will not be maintained if any updates.

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