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Legislator argues for better beaver trapping regulations
Sep 24, 2019 06:53 ET
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"I sent both a written statement and an audio message giving my statement to the Fish and Wildlife Commission for Friday’s Commission meeting. They were considering a regulation to extend the beaver trapping season a month to try and address the overpopulation of beavers in Kentucky. I pleaded the case for the 15th District as Hopkins County Road Department spends $50,000 per year on beaver issues and many landowners in Muhlenberg County are losing both their farmland as well as their timber. Other cities are having various issues as well.

The regulation passed but some considered weakened because it would only allow for bodygrip traps. Trappers feel they won’t have all the tools they need to make a dent in the numbers of beaver that have become such a nuisance over the past few years. I advocated for a reasonable solution."