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“Learn to Harvest: Trapping Basics” Class
Aug 6, 2023 06:30 ET

[Reprinted from original]

The Iowa DNR will be offering a trapping class in Knoxville later this month.

The name of the class is “Learn to Harvest: Trapping Basics” and will take place on Saturday, August 26th at the Marion County Sportsmans Club. Participants will learn basic strategies for trapping such as proper equipment, trap placement, trapping regulations and steps for preparing hides for trade. There will also be several demonstration stations.

Iowa DNR Officer Eric Hoffman mentioned that some experienced trappers are volunteering their time to put on this event.

“We got some really knowledgeable trappers that are volunteering their time to teach people about trapping basics. Some things that will be covered in the class are basic laws and ethics regarding the trapping, some land trapping, water trapping, fur handling and what to do with the fur when you actually catch it.”

Hear more from Hoffman on an Upcoming Let’s Talk Knoxville.