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Key Messages on TRAPPING (pocket card)
Oct 5, 2019 06:57 ET
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Key Messages on Trapping
These messages are effective in communicating the
role of regulated trapping. Their use is recommended
when you have the opportunity to talk about trapping.
1. Regulated trapping does not cause wildlife to
become threatened or endangered.
2. Trapping is managed through scientifically-based
regulations that are strictly enforced by trained
conservation enforcement officers.
3. State wildlife agencies continually review and
develop rules, regulations, education programs, and
capture methods that consider animal welfare.
4. Regulated trapping provides many benefits,
including (in certain situations):
• reducing wildlife damage to crops and property;
• reducing threats to human health and safety.
5. Most of the animal can be used—as clothing, food,
or other useful products.
Tips for Communicating Effectively
1. Use the key messages inside this card. (They work!)
2. Be respectful, listen politely, and acknowledge that
there are people who have other points of view.
3. Be professional and speak in a conversational tone,
even if you disagree on certain topics.
4. Show that you care about wildlife.